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With a little belief

It is incredible how far a little belief can go. Over the years, I have been a fairly confident individual. But from time to time I have had my own fair share of miss steps and or shake ups that have led me to fall or take wrong turns. When I have found myself on the ground, or at a dead end, there have always been a wealth of people who at bare minimum were there to remind me that they believed in the vision, goal, or intention. Because of this I have always been able to power through any such obstacle, brush my knees off and find the right direction to proceed with the original intention or find the inspiration to foster new intention to get me on the right track. I cannot overstate how important The support I have received from my peers is. The belief in others is almost like being an investor in there dreams. That support can serve as the mortar to build the foundation to their aspirations. By communicating that belief to them at times of need, our genuine words can serve as a stash of positive energy that recharges The dreamer when things aren’t going there way. One such investor in my world, once told me “If you don’t try you won’t succeed anyway, so you might as well swing for the fences”. With that I have to say thank you to the creators that have lent me kind words over the years, and to the creators I have had the privilege to inspire, keep pushing!

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