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Roadmap to the success

Today I am thinking about the goals we set and the work we do to achieve those goals. I spend a good portion of my time helping my peers evaluate their intentions so they can work to bring their ideas to life. Recently, I took some of my own advice and started working towards a lifelong personal goal of writing my first book. Initially, writing my book, The Quiet Lessons, felt selfish and self-serving, but I kept with it, and eventually, through the process of creation, I found my voice as well as the purpose of the book. I believe there is great value in our personal struggles, and by sharing the wisdom from those struggles, we can offer insights or a roadmap to the success we find on our journey. I am excited to announce my book, The Quiet Lessons From an Incredibly Loud Adventure, is now available at all major book retailers, and we will be celebrating the release later this month.

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