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Optimism versus pessimism

On my way to work, I experienced a blowout. This seemingly inopportune situation caused my day to come to a screeching halt. Meetings were canceled. External obligations are put on hold. Of course, the monetary cost of repairing the damaged tire in terms of time lost could be viewed through a pessimistic lens, which could’ve thrown my life off balance. Instead, I chose the optimistic route and could do some self-maintenance. While waiting for the tow truck, the rest of my day was illuminated, maybe even buzzing slightly. The optimistic perspective allowed me to function from a place of clarity I often overlook. We are able to approach the constant in fractions of our lives, optimistically or pessimistically. At every moment, this bill is late, that issue with my car, etc., but I would argue that when you allow yourself to view even life's fractions with a degree of optimism, the constant rhythm we all exist in has the potential to not only help you solve the problems of the day but maybe even some of those deeper issues we often overlook.

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