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My five habits for Happiness

Today I'm thinking about my pursuit of happiness. If there's one thing that I am Adept at it's finding and living in the realm of satisfaction. There are five steps I take very serious in regards to living a fulfilled and happy lifestyle.

The first step is scheduling, I do my best to schedule my life in a way that keeps me in a creative Flow State.

The second thing I do is keep my world organized, this helps me to maximize my productivity.

The third thing I do throughout the day is contemplating or meditate, contemplation helps me forecast and expand on whatever goal or idea.

The fourth thing is physical activity, sometimes that means working out other times that's just skateboarding with my dog. Either way getting the heart rate up helps me generate new ideas or work through old ones.

The fifth daily goal is, I work towards is getting the right kind of rest. That means disconnecting from the world and fully recharging.

These steps and help me pursue happiness throughout every aspect of my personal and professional life.

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