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Midlife crisis

Midlife crisis -

Today I’m thinking about what we call midlife crises. Often, when I personally do something outside of what society deems the norm, people accuse me of going through some sort of midlife crisis, whether it’s me getting a gold tooth, a new Gucci wallet, writing a book, or learning how to be a yoga instructor. From where I stand, it appears unacceptable to pursue our lifelong curiosities without a high degree of suffering. Meaning, you’ve worked your whole life at some point; you’ve gone a little crazy now that you’re doing these random things, when, in actuality, if we were to unteach ourselves of the idea of pursuing random curiosity as strange and return to our original nature, that was so abundant during our childhood. When you were seven, there was no midlife crisis; you just did what you wanted, and I personally believe that is how we should live our lives: doing what we want. Maybe what we call a midlife crisis really is a door opening or a path revealing itself back to our original nature, and if we honor this opportunity, there is a possibility to regain the oneness and reverence, for life we all deserve.

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