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Both good and bad situations

Today I'm thinking about maximizing both good and bad situations. In my life, there's been a lot of ups and downs. Moments where I'm on top of the world and moments where everything is falling apart right in front of me. With a lifetime of dealing with lots of crises, I have learned the ability to be cool under pressure. Which has allowed me to not only maximize the good situations but also the bad situations. Let's take covid-19 for instance. Once the nightclubs I was a bar manager at shutdown. I maximized time with my family and took a job managing an ice cream parlor. Now, my wife and daughter and I are closer than ever. I have also had the opportunity to learn the process of managing a desert business that wouldn't have happened pre-code-19. Like a lot of my colleagues, I am anxiously awaiting the return of the live music nightclub industry but I plan to bring my new experience which will make me a more well-rounded entrepreneur. Through the years I've learned that life is always going to deal you difficult cards but it's how you choose to play your hand in the game of life that counts.

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