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Airplane mask,

Today, I am thinking about my relationship with helping others. I think it is a natural human instinct to want to have a positive effect on friends, family, and peers. I am also aware that when we are constantly focusing on solving other people's problems, we may have a tendency to lose sight of our own personal struggles, probably as a distraction. It has been my experience that the best way to help one’s community, friend group, or family is to first focus on one’s own personal struggle. I am reminded of that brief interaction we have all had on an airplane when the flight attendant explains the importance of securing your own mask before helping anyone else. I love this as a metaphor because it indicates that if you can’t breathe, your mask isn’t secured. You can’t really effectively help anyone else with their struggle. I believe the best way to improve our communities or help our peers is to work on improving ourselves.

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