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Work enhances Our Lives.

Today I'm thinking about work, and how work enhances Our Lives. My curiosity has led me down so many roads. From running drilling rigs, two working at the Coors Brewery, running night clubs, touring as a musician, operating heavy equipment, and even scooping ice cream. Each opportunity has taught me a little bit more about myself. I may not have loved every moment, I found moments that stirred my passion. I think if we can be impassioned and let ourselves excel in every opportunity, you will find each skill fitting together like a puzzle piece. As you become more effective and productive, your production value increases allowing you to walk into any situation and be successful. Still, I think the most important aspect of work is working towards a situation you enjoy. For me, that means a good work-home life balance and lots of creative opportunities. Take a leap of faith that stirs your creativity and pursue that opportunity with diligent Focus.

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