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Realizing the infinite possibilities.

Today I'm thinking about my potential and how life's struggles help me realize the infinite possibilities.

I was the youngest of five raised by a single mother. On the surface, a 23-year-old single parent with 5 kids in the mid-80s, didn't look so good. My mom worked hard but having to fill the role of both parents wade on her. After working 16-hour shifts 5 to 6 days a week. At times her work schedule left us raising each other. We become Scrappy, just to make it through a regular day. That means the usual sharing of clothes, protecting each other in the outside world, and so on. We also did a lot of questionable things thinking that it was the only way to survive that reality. Teenage pregnancies, drug and alcohol addiction, stents in correctional facilities.

By the time I was 17 I was under the impression my life was going to be what it was. I think that is because Society often teaches us to settle, and not pursue our real potential. Pursuing happiness was something my mom taught us every day throughout our childhood. There was a moment before I turned 18 where I started thinking about my reality versus other people's reality. That moment became the catalyst of change that eventually led me down the road I am presently on. I wouldn't change my upbringing because the struggles have become the Cornerstone to my essence which allows me to truly pursue life's possibilities.

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